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Directions to Our Showroom

We are located in the Bush Terminal Market a giant warehouse facility built in 1907 to service the Brooklyn docks. Now also known as Industry City it is home to lots of warehouses like us and a fair number of woodworking shops. The surrounding area is known as Sunset Park and we are also on the edge of Green Wood Cemetery - which is considered one of the most beautiful historic cemetery parks in the nation.

By Subway

The subway stop is 36th street in Brooklyn.
The and express trains from Manhattan and will take no time to get there - just 2 stops into Brooklyn (about 35 minutes door to door from Union Square).
The local train also stops there but the trip from Manhattan takes a good bit longer. However the train also stops in lower Manhattan which can be very convenient.

From Grand Central Station, or the east side you might find it easier to take the 4 or 5 Lexington Avenue Express and go to Union Square and change for the train or go to Pacific Street in Brooklyn and then change for the or trains.
Coming from Manhattan the exit at 36 street will be at the front of the train. Go up the stairs and go right to the NW exit of the station. You will exit on 4rd Avenue. Walk to 35th street, then turn left to go to 3rd Avenue (which is under the elevated BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway). There is a light at 34th street. Cross over and walk down to 33rd street. Make a left on 33rd street and we are at #32 . It's about a 5 minute walk from the station.
The building covers the entire block but 32 is marked - pretty close to second avenue. When you get to the building go into the lobby and then go out to the freight elevators. If the freight elevator is not there ring the buzzer. Go up to the fifth floor we are in the back. Come on In!!

There is no freight elevator service between 12-1 o'clock. If you have the energy you can walk up the 5 floors. We close promptly at 5:00 because that's when the elevators shut down. If you happen to be in our store at 5:00 you will have to walk down the stairs.

By Car

The major artery of the area is the BQE (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) which is also known as the "Gowanus Expressway" in this neighboorhood or as 278. Take the 39th street exit (#23) then turn right into Second avenue and then right again into 33rd street. In general you cannot park in front of the building except for delivery and pickup. There is free parking under the BQE which is tight but not difficult. Just drive back from 2nd avenue to third avenue which is where the BQE is.

Call us if you get lost at 800-426-4613 - but you probably won't.

Here is a more detailed google maps view of our location that shows the area.

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