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 1/2" wide 4' long - inches ($7.79) Temporarily Sold Out
 1/2" wide 12' long - inches ($8.60) In Stock
 3/4" wide 6' long - inches ($7.50) In Stock
 1/2" wide 6' long - reads r-l - inches ($7.26) In Stock
 1/2" wide 12' long - r-l - inches ($9.21) In Stock
 1/2" wide 1.2m long- inch / metric ($7.79) In Stock
 3/4" wide 2m long - inch / metric ($9.38) In Stock
These high quality precision steel rules are flat, with permanent adhesive backs. You can cut the rule to size with a scissors and then mount it on workbenches, saw tables, drafting tables, etc. This is an extremely easy and inexpensive way of turning any fixture into a useful jig. We sell them in a variety of lengths, reading from left to right and right to left, and in both Inch and Metric units.  

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