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Grobet Detail File
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This detail file, otherwise know as a double-end vulcanite file. This particular file has coarse teeth, almost like a float, for filing plastics, waxes and other soft materials. It is 8" long and is made of chrome alloy steel for hardness and durability. One side is half round and the other is flat, with coarse teeth on one end and finer teeth at the other. The symmetrical double-ended design allows you to go from coarse cut to fine cut without having to pick up another tool. The flat sides of the file are pretty useful for tuning and correcting joints, and the curved sides work great for shaping smoothing surfaces on carvings and other sculpted wood such as a cabriole legs. Made in Switzerland and Branded Grobet and/or Vallorbe.  
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Restoration services and Luthier

By: Stephen Thurston (Jun, 2014)

I have been using my Grobet Detail File constantly for the last two years, and it's still so sharp as the day I purchased it. Thanks Stephen.
I own this product.


By: Walt Wittmann (Oct, 2013)

Perfect combination and just the right size.
I own this product.

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