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Starrett Combination Square Selection Wizard
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 Square - Wrinkle Finish Iron -6" chrome blade-4R ($89.00) In Stock
 Square - Wrinkle Finish Iron - 150mm metric chrome blade ($94.00) In Stock
 Square - Forged Steel -6" chrome blade-4R ($105.00) In Stock
 Square - Wrinkle Finish Iron - 12" chrome blade-4R ($93.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 Square - Wrinkle Finish Iron - 300mm metric chrome blade ($119.00) In Stock
 Square - Wrinkle Finish Iron -300mm chrome blade-Metric/English ($121.00) In Stock
 Square and Center Head - Wrinkle Finish Iron - 12" blade-4R ($112.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 Square - Forged Steel - 12" chrome blade-4R ($113.00) In Stock
 Square - Wrinkle Finish Iron -18" chrome blade-4R ($143.00) In Stock
 Square with Center head and reversible protractor - Forged Steel - 12" chrome blade-4R ($290.00) In Stock
Back in the late 19th century Starrett was the inventory of the combination square. They grew to be the largest maker of precision instruments in the US. Today a Starrett combination square is one of the foundation tools that every woodworker has on their bench. The most popular size is with a 12" blade although people find the 6" and 18" useful in many situations. We stock squares with both cast iron heads - which is what we typically use, and also in a forged steel head that is great for shops with concrete floors. The blades of the 12", 18", and 24" squares are interchangeable but the 6" and 4" blades are thinner and do not fit the standard head. All the squares we stock come with a satin chrome finished blade which is very easy to read.  
Customer Reviews:

Starret square

By: Ryan Domigan (Apr, 2013)

I've had the 6" square for about a year and just received a 12" to go with it. The chrome blade is nice, easy to read. I did not opt for the chrome blade on the 6" square, and I must say it makes a difference. The blades are nice and straight (and spring back when bent slightly), the locks work very well, and they are quite accurate.
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