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Replacement HSS Tapered Drills by Make it Snappy - Made in USA No reviews yet - add a review
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 Replacement 9/64" HSS Tapered Drill (Replaces Part # 49409) ($4.99) In Stock
Replacement 11/64" HSS Tapered Drill (Replaces Part # 49411) ($4.99) Temporarily unavailable
 Replacement 13/64" HSS Tapered Drill (Replaces Part # 49413) ($4.99) In Stock
MiS did a kindness and provided just the Tapered Drill Element to their Tapered Drill Countersinks, so if you wear out the drill, you don’t have to buy the whole piece again. Just back out the set screw on the ¼” power drive chuck and the drill slides right out. The drill element has a flat spot machined on so that you get perfect registry when installing the new bit.

Made in the USA.

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