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Sets & Pouches by Make it Snappy - Made in USASets & Pouches by Make it Snappy - Made in USA
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 7 Piece Cabinet Maker's Set Includes: 43006, 43007, 43008, 43009, 45107, 45109, 54222 (1 pc.) & 1/8" Hex Key(#43572) ($45.89) In Stock
 25 Piece Premium Drilling System in Canvas Pouch Includes: 7 - Drill Bit Adapters, 5 - Gold Screw Countersinks, 6 - 2" Driver Bits, 1 - Quick Change Chuck(#48025) ($81.59) In Stock
7-Piece Cabinet Set
Hey, what’s that you’re making there? Cabinets? Got a good thing for you here. Four sizes of Gold Screw Countersinks and your pilot holes are clean and done. Two Self-Centering Bits and you’re ready to pop those hinges on. An industrial #2 square bit and you can knock (and clock) those Robertson screws in. Hey bud, that’s a nice cabinet you’ve got there.

Made in the USA.

25-Piece Drilling System
Only true bit-slingers need apply. If you’re not familiar with the MiS system by now, you’ve got a plethora of precision-machined drill bits, countersinks, and drivers that you can pop in and out of your impact driver in a snap. Or throw the Quick-Change Chuck into your drill and use it like an impact driver. Stop-collars eliminate guesswork (and blue tape), and include the necessary hardware. Minimize your time changing bits and maximize your time having built neat things.

Packaged in a handy and durable nylon canvas case with a belt loop in case you’re ready to go pro.

Made in the USA.

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