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 22" x 12 ppi. Crosscut Panel Saw ($99.95) In Stock
 26" x 10ppi. Crosscut Saw ($115.95) In Stock
 26" x 8 ppi. Crosscut Saw ($115.95) In Stock
 26" x 5-1/2 ppi. Rip Saw ($115.95) In Stock
 28" x 5-1/2 ppi. Rip Saw ($125.95) In Stock
High quality saws by Pax have been made in Sheffield, England since 1776, right about the time that steel for making saws was first available in commercial quantities. In those days, craftsmen used handsaws ten hours a day, six days a week, so these tools had to be up to the challenge. As more and more people re-discover the efficiency and pleasure of using hand tools, handsaws are having a well-deserved comeback. The key, of course, is finding a well-crafted, hand-sharpened saw like those made by Pax. They are truly some of the finest handsaws available today, with features that make your work come out better. The blade of a Pax saw is taper-ground, which means that the back of the saw is ground slightly thinner than the cutting edge, so that the saw doesn't bind in the cut. The saw is "breasted," which means that the edge of the saw with the teeth is slightly convex. The curve counteracts the natural swing of hand sawing, putting more teeth in contact with the wood and cutting faster. These saws are hand sharpened by filing, a traditional method for top-of-the-line saws because it produces a better result than machine sharpening. The handles are of fine, two-tone, steamed beech with a durable hard gloss surface that will last a long time.
Saws are categorized by the number of teeth per inch (point or pt.), and whether the teeth are set for ripping or crosscutting. Ripsaws are for cutting with the grain, whereas crosscut saws are for cutting against the grain. Finer point blades cut slower, but leave a smoother cut.
We are pleased to announce the manufacture and re-introduction of a full 28" rip saw for the first time in at least 30 years (not illustrated)!  
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By: Michael J Price (Mar, 2015)

I received a Pax Rip Saw and found it less then advertised, difficult to use, binding in the wood, and wouldn't track properly. Guess could it be the set of the teeth?
I own this product.

26" 5-1/2 ppi

By: Shane Forsythe (Nov, 2014)

I bought this saw about 5 months ago to do some ripping and resawing. I have been more than impressed with the saw. It has become my go to saw for any sawing that needs to be done quickly and easily. It did take some practice getting such a coarse saw to start cutting!
I own this product.

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