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  OSMO Hard Waxes and Oil Finishes
Osmo Natural Bristle Hand BrushesOsmo Natural Bristle Hand Brushes
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 25mm (Approximately 1") ($5.99) In Stock
 50mm (Approximately 2") ($9.99) In Stock
 60mm (Approximately 2 3/8") ($12.99) In Stock New Style!
 100mm (Approximately 4") ($23.99) In Stock
These high quality natural bristle brushes are particularly designed for the application of Osmo finishes. The handles, which are certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council, fit well in the hand and have have stiff bristles good for the vigorous application of hardwax oil. (Think scrubbing, not painting, when it comes to applying Osmo hardwax oils.) Saturate the brush lightly - Osmo oils have a high yield - and brush very thinly and evenly. Product excesses and brush marks must be blended and smoothed out immediately. Wrap the brushes in Saran wrap or a plastic bag between coats. Use Osmo Brush Cleaner to clean. Choose from three sizes. Made in Germany.

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