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Found in Departments: Arkansas and other Oilstones
  Norton Sharpening Stones and Wheels
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 Medium India Slip Stone 4 x 1 x 7/16 x 3/16 (MS14) ($8.49) In Stock
 Medium India Slip Stone 4 1/2 x 1 3/4 x 3/8 x 1/8 (MS34) ($10.95) In Stock
Slipstones are used for honing the inside of a gouge when sharpening. India stones are tough and hard, and will last a lifetime as long as you use them with cutting oil. We mostly stock the medium grit for fast stock removal. Just follow with a hard Arkansas slipstone or a strop charged with green honing compound. The wider stone has both a wider and narrower radius on the rounded ends then the narrower stone, which has both radiused ends somewhere in the middle range.  

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