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Spray Mount - Low Tack Repositional AdhesiveSpray Mount - Low Tack Repositional Adhesive
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Spray mount is a low tack spray glue that is the best way of temporarily gluing down a pattern onto wood. It's perfect for carvers. What you do is spray the pattern, lay it on the wood and rub it down so that there are no gaps. When you are done carving, because this is low tack glue, you can easily lift up any remaining bits of the pattern without damaging everything.

In addition to using the spray for carving, many people also use the spray for its intended purpose, which is to glue down pictures and other art so that they will glue flat but can at some point be removed or repositioned.

Cannot be shipped by air. The large 10.25oz. can will last a long time.

Made in the USA of US and imported materials.  

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