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Manual Pencil Sharpeners
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Manual Pencil Sharpeners - Long Point on the left, Magnesium on the rightManual Pencil Sharpeners - Long Point on the left, Magnesium on the right
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- Long Point on the left, Magnesium on the right
Manual Pencil Sharpeners| - Long Point on the left, Magnesium on the right
Manual Pencil Sharpeners| - Open the top to empty shavings and access the 2 included replacement blades
Manual Pencil Sharpeners| - KUM magnesium pencil sharpener includes a replacement blade
Manual Pencil Sharpeners| - KUM Long Point above, KUM Magnesium below
Manual Pencil Sharpeners| - KUM Long Point in action
Manual Pencil Sharpeners| - KUM Magnesium in action

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 Magnesium sharpener with extra blade ($2.20) In Stock
Using a pen-knife to sharpen a pencil has a certain swagger, but there are times when brandishing one’s cutlas is in poor taste. Lucky KUM produces sharpeners with such serious German precision, that they make a pointed statement all their own.

The classic look and feel of the KUM’s magnesium sharpener is complemented by smart workmanship all around. The strong, and light magnesium casting, also includes an attached replacement blade. The sharpener will point standard diameter pencils to a medium tip angle, somewhere between a golf pencil, and the KUM long point Sharpener.

The KUM Long point pencil sharpener would be the ne plus ultra of sharpeners if it were French. Instead we like to think of it as the uber-pointer. Skeptics beware, this sharpener actually is nicer than any other we have used. The sharpener is really two sharpeners in one. The first sharpener shaves back the wood, exposing the graphite lead. The second sharpener points the graphite. The process is nearly as quick as sharpening a pencil the regular way, but the result is a superbly pointed tip. The steel blades feature “Dynamic Torsion Action” and although it is entirely unclear what exactly what means, we can assure you that the KUM Long Point sharpener is truly the Uber-pointer. A pair of replacement blades are included in a little built-in storage compartment so they will not get lost.

The long point pencil drops into a scribe line easier than a regular pointed pencil and effectively stays sharper longer.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but a pencil is undoubtedly easier to sharpen, especially with these top quality German pencil sharpeners.

Kum Pencil Sharpeners are made in Germany.
Customer Reviews:

Best sharpener

By: Owen (Sep, 2017)

This long point sharpener is the best pencil sharpener I have ever used. Period. I have 4 of them scattered between the shop, garage, and house. You simply cannot get a finer point on a pencil. It was always my intention to install a nice wall mounted sharpener in my workshop, but now that I've discovered this thing, there is simply no need for it. They are great.
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