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Single Bevel Skew Chisels
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For years we have received calls from customers requesting an inexpensive alternative to grinding their own skew chisels. Most of the skew chisels on the market for woodworking joinery are either way too wide for fine joinery or too small to be gripped properly. These single bevel skew chisels are designed to clean the insides of half lap/hidden dovetails and other fine joinery (please note that they are not for carving!). They are sold in matching pairs of two so that you can clean both the left and right sides of dovetails with ease. The single bevel allows you to get deep into the corners of hidden dovetails to achieve a super tight fit. While they are primarily designed to be paring chisels, you can strike them gently with a mallet as well.

The steel in these chisels is a little softer than the steel typically found in normal bench chisel, to ensure that they will not crack when torqued. The narrow width and fishtail shape of these chisels allows easy access to smaller dovetails and provides a wider range of usage. From practical usage we can say that the fishtail shape makes it much easier to get into corners than the regular bench chisels ground skew that we used to use. The full size octagonal handle (5 1/2" long ) is both comfortable and easy to control. The entire tool is 8 7/8" long overall. The chisels are sharpened on a buff at the factory. Normal bench chisels require an absolutely flat back, but skew chisels don’t, and these chisels work well out of the box. Made in New Jersey.  
Customer Reviews:

By: David lipscomb (Jun, 2015)

Have owned these skew chisels for six years now, and quite simply they are exceptional for the purpose for which they are intended, i.e. cleaning up dovetails. I have literally cut hundreds of dovetails and the skew chisels easily work into the recesses and quickly remove unwanted waste. They can be quickly sharpened, and hold an edge.
I own this product.

Not even the same skew angle

By: Hilton Ralphs (Feb, 2015)

I think I must have bought a dud as the skew angles aren't the same, not even close. Pity though.
I own this product.


By: Hilton Ralphs (Aug, 2014)

Bought the 3/8" set and the edge rolled the first time they were used. Admittedly I wasn't paring dovetails but needed them to get into a corner.
I own this product.

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