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Hand Cut Riffler Rasp Set
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In order for a rasp to cut smoothly and easily, its teeth all have to be at the same height and spaced regularly but slightly randomly, so that each tooth contacting the wood cuts in a slightly different spot. Making a riffler rasp requires skill and lots of training to do it right. Gramercy Tools hand-cut rifflers are made to our specs in Pakistan (which has a long tradition of fine metalwork). They do a great job at a great price. The tools are all grain 10 and 7" long. This set of three rifflers offers six different shapes.  
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Customer Reviews:

A fantastic aid for industrial design model/mold making

By: Aaron Meyers (Apr, 2016)

I recently picked up a set of these rifflers for cleaning up some laminated mdf thermoforming molds. They are amazing, and I wish I'd purchased a set while still in school. If you do any kind of industrial design modelmaking in urethane foam or MDF, I highly recommend picking up a set of these. There is no comparing working with a tool like this versus trying to contort sandpaper into the shape you need.
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Great set of Rifflers for woodcarving

By: Richard Hellman (Dec, 2014)

I received these 3 wonderful rifflers today and have just tried them out on my current carving project, an 11" high mahogany Eagle Owl sitting on a perch. I particularly wanted these rifflers to work between the owl"s talons and I am very pleased with the range of shapes on these tools. Other rifflers I researched have the same tools on each end but these have a differnt design on each end actually giving you 6 differnt tools. These Grammercy tools are a medium cut, aggressive but not too rough, and plenty of teeth for even removal of wood.Good value!
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Great for use in woodcarving.

By: John Chismar (Dec, 2013)

I purchased these Hand Cut Riffler Rasps for use with my wood carving. I have experience using riffler rasps, but I did not own any in my personal collection. These rasps are well made and work as they should. The teeth are spaced correctly, and there are many teeth. I've seen other retailers selling sets with rasps with hardly any teeth at all! With firm pressure applied these rasps remove material surprisingly aggressive; a lighter pressure results with almost a sanded finish. The shapes of the rasps are perfect for what I need. Thanks for the bargain.
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