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 Deep Curve ($46.00) In Stock
 Deep Curve, Left-Handed ($46.00) In Stock
 Shallow Curve ($46.00) In Stock
 Shallow Curve, Left-Handed ($46.00) In Stock
 Traditional Large ($46.00) In Stock
 Traditional Large, Left-Handed ($46.00) In Stock
 Whittling Knife, Curved Blade ($46.00) In Stock
 Whittling Knife, Straight Blade ($46.00) In Stock
We’re proud to be the only place in the states where you can find this selection of Ray Iles Spoon Carving and Whittling Knives. In Ray Iles’s telltale workhorse style, the knives are made with understated simplicity of materials and a Sheffield handcraft finish.

Each blade is hand forged from O1 tool steel, with a temper finish along the back and a fine-polished edge. O1 holds a wicked edge, and can be easily touched up with honing, which is best for a tricky curved blade.

The unassuming beech handles offer a stable grip that tapers down toward the blade for control during detail work. The beech wood is finished only with raw linseed oil, and will quickly patina with use. The joy of carving spoons and whittling figures is never so great as it is with a sturdy, sharp knife!

We offer each style of crook knife in both right and left-handed versions, but it should be known that the pros will have one of each, so that the proper cutting direction is always available without risking a precarious grip on the spoon. With a RH and LH of each, you can use a pull stroke and a push stroke from the same grip.

Made in England. Sharp and ready to use.

Crook Knife - Deep Curve
The Deep Curve Crook Knife has a more acute curve, which is better for getting deeper quicker. If you’re in the ladle business or like working in tight corners, the Deep Curve is for you. It can effectively accomplish the same work as the Shallow Curve, but with significantly more refinement strokes and less broad facets.

Crook Knife - Shallow Curve
If you’re carving out a deep serving spoon, eating spoon, or bowl, you’ll need a Shallow Curve Crook Knife. From aggressive roughing to grain refinement, this is the knife for gently sloping concave curves.

Crook Knife - Traditonal Large
The Traditional Large Crook Knife has a broad, swooping curve that makes it appropriate for deep bowls or shallow serving spoons, and the rounded tip (while less inclined for fine detail work) offers some comfort when using two-handed push and pull strokes.

Whittling Knife - Curved or Straight Edge
The Whittling Knife offers more control during heavy roughing and leaves precise facets. Use one of these for all convex surfaces, and you’ll end up with some clean lines. With the Straight Edge, you can flatten a wider area and touch up the edge very easily, but the Curved Edge is a bit more nimble in the tight and concave spots.


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