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The OptiSight is another hands-free precision magnifier from the maker of the OptiVisor. Improve your vision and increase your efficiency! It’s designed for comfort, with lightweight, impact resistant materials and a visor that can be tilted up when you don’t need its magnifier.

The OptiSight strap has a gap in it so that it easily fits over long hair or a ponytail. A clip is included in case you want a more closed feel.

Three lens powers are included:
  • 3 Power, for 1.75x at 14”;
  • 4 Power for 2x at 10”;
  • 5 Power at 2.5x at 8”.

No more squinting, eye strain and errors as you work on fine details. The OptiSight uses precision optical grade glass lenses. The OptiSight can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses and its lens allows three dimensional vision. The headband is designed for comfort and can be adjusted to fit different head sizes.

The OptiSight is available in three colors, to suit personal preferences and help you easily figure out which OmniSight is yours.

Note: The auxiliary light and monocule that fit the OmniVisor are not compatible with the OmniSight.

Made in USA.

Not a safety Device. Do not use in place of safety glasses or face shield.  

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