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Oar Carver Pocketknife
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 Oar Carver Pocketknife - With Polished Walnut Scales - Sharp ($98.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 Detail Carver - Sharp - Aged honey amber stag bone handles ($100.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 Sheath for knife ($9.95) Temporarily Sold Out
When I asked Roger Schroeder, former editor of Woodcarving Illustrated, to recommend a good high-end carving knife, he immediately told me to get hold of Ross Oar's Carver Pocketknife. Folding pocketknives have an important place in the history of American woodcarving. Of course you can't beat the convenience- with a piece of wood and a folding knife, you can carve anywhere.

The Oar Carver Pocketknife feels very solid in the hand. The non-locking blades snap into place with authority. You get the instant feeling that Ross Oar knew exactly what he wanted when he designed the knife. The larger blades are modified Wharncliff patterns with a cutting length of 1 3/4 inches. They are made of tough D-2 steel with an amazing rigidity for such a thin blade. The smaller detail blade on the detail carver is made the same way, just smaller, for finer work.

Note: We off some knives with a factory edge. Others, marked "Sharp" are sharp and ready to use. When the knife gets dull Ross Oar recommends that you sharpen with a medium, then fine, diamond stone before stropping with a rouge-charged strop. Our lapping film and waterstones also do a fine job, though you might find the alloy a little hard for Arkansas stones.

Made in USA using century-old manual processes. The scales are either manmade Derlin non-slip(regular knife only), or wood or horn as specificed.
"If you are tired of those fixed-blade knives and wish you could fold your tool and put it in a pocket or a sheath, the Oar Carver Pocket Knife is the definitely the answer... The knife is comfortable to use, so carving for long periods will not present a problem... Designed for woodcarvers of all abilities."
--- Wood Carving Illustrated
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Customer Reviews:


By: Steve Bell (Mar, 2016)

The oar carver is by far the finest carving pocket knife i have ever use. It compares with the majority of my carving knives ...AAA+ for the Oar Carver!!!
I own this product.


By: Bruce (Aug, 2014)

I purchased the double blade carver, which is perfect for pocket, marking wood cuts, and the occasional soft metal work. Use diamond sharpening! Oh, it's great for carving, too. (4 stars because it isn't my childhood Barlow.)
I own this product.


By: Rhett Bickley (Jun, 2014)

I am a retired forester, but I took up casual whittling over 30 years ago - to learn to sharpen a knife and identify different woods. More recently, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's and renewed my whittling for therapy (and to stay busy). I've given away numerous small items and 2-3 dozen walking "memory" staffs. My daughter gave me an Oar Carver for Father's Day. It is well made. The blade is sharp beyond anything I've seen. I'm very pleased and researching how I can maintain that edge!
I own this product.


By: Jack Edgar (Jun, 2013)

I have had the small Oar Carver for several years now..It holds an edge better than any knife I have ever owned, and I have been a knife collector/user for almost fifty years.
I own this product.

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