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Mill Files
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 4" Mill File - smooth cut (none of the handles fit properly) ($7.95) In Stock
Mill files are used by woodworkers primarily for jointing scrapers and saws. The 8" file is pretty standard for jointing scrapers and can also be used for jointing saws.The file is just under 1/8" thick (3mm). We decided to stock the 4" mill file as well for fitting into a saw jointer and for smaller stuff. We are not sure if the 4" is a distinct improvement, but it seemed like a good idea. It's a really cute file, with about half the thickness of the 8" size, so it has a little flex. Both are "smooth cut," which will give you a nice finish. Note: all 4 sides of the files have teeth cut. Branded Grobet.  
Customer Reviews:

Mill files

By: Dan Moerman (Nov, 2016)

I bought these two files for preparing scrapers. They are terrific. As noted in the text, a store bought handle will fit on the larger file, but not the smaller one. So I made a handle for it from a tiny scrap of home harvested oak. Of course, this means I like the little one better than the larger one. I'd love to include a photo, but. . .
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Excellent for Sharpening!

By: Stephen (Sep, 2013)

I was having a hard time getting a good edge on my card scraper until I decided to get this 8 inch Mill File and what a difference! I highly recommend this file to anyone looking for excellent quality at an affordable price! It cut my sharpening time in more than half. I even wrote a blog post about it to spread the word.
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