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Money Clip by Eleanor SwordyMoney Clip by Eleanor Swordy
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Money Clip by Eleanor Swordy|
Money Clip by Eleanor Swordy|
Money Clip by Eleanor Swordy|
Money Clip by Eleanor Swordy|
Money Clip by Eleanor Swordy|
Money Clip by Eleanor Swordy|
Money Clip by Eleanor Swordy|

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Wallet, keys, Phone. The rustic/playful aesthetic of Eleanor Swordy's money clips places a reminder of the joy and DIY spirit of hand craft in your pocket. The texture of Eleanors anvil, pressed into each clip as it is hammered into shape, reflects the light, while the smooth solid brass or silver has a cool gravity that reminds us of our favorite hand plane - not that new one, but the old, slightly worn #4, that somehow has a magic touch.

Eleanor worked with us in the Gramercy Tools Workshop several years ago. An accomplished painter and artist, her experience finishing cast bronze sculptures made her a natural fit, filing the decorative detailing on our Gramercy Kings County Hammer. After leaving Gramercy for Vermont, Eleanor has continued to work in metal, and from her studio she produces both unique commissions, and production pieces of her own design, like these money clips.

Each clip is hand hammered and formed. The spring tension of the clip may be adjusted by gently bending the clip - a major advantage over steel clips, that loose their tension over time. Whether you fly light and fast, with a twenty, and a couple cards, or roll heavy with a thick stack of Benjamins, having an elegant reminder of hand craft in your pocket inspires and reminds us about the importance of making objects by hand.

Made in Vermont, USA.

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