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Nishiki Kinari- Extra Thin Paring Chisels
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 18mm ($119.95) In Stock
 24mm ($124.95) Temporarily Sold Out
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 Set of 6 - 12mm , 15mm, 18mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm ($726.93) Temporarily Sold Out
The long handle and the extra-thin blade of these extra-thin paring chisels allow you to get into the narrowest of spaces, and give you amazing control over your work. The blades are all white steel, hand- forged over charcoal for the wonderfully sweet edge that is Nishiki’s trademark. These chisels have a very nice, subtle elegance. The hollow in the back that is traditional in all Japanese chisels has a striated finish - a Nishiki signature - and the flat top of the paring chisel’s blade is dished ever so slightly, so it guides your fingers to hold the chisel exactly right. With Red Oak handles. Overall length approximately 14 1/4". Made in Japan.  
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Customer Reviews:

Incom-pare-able (Sorry)

By: Charlie Pitts (Jul, 2015)

I bought the 18mm on a lark after becoming frustrated with using my bench chisels to pare. The increased control and accuracy were hard to believe - at first. Now it resides close to my bench and will be joined by its 9mm sibling.
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