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All Hock scraper blades come with a bevel ground at 45 degrees.

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 Blade for Stanley No. 80 (1/16" X 2-3/4" X 3" long) ($23.95) In Stock
 Blade for Stanley No. 81 (1/16" X 2-1/2" x 3-7/8" long) ($23.95) In Stock
 Blade for Stanley No. 12 or No. 112 (3/32" x 2-7/8" x 5" long) ($29.95) In Stock
The Stanley No. 80 is the stalwart scraper of the Stanley plane line-up and is still in production today. The Stanley 81, 12, and 112 are no longer in production but were very popular in their day and are very available on the antique and used market now. Ron Hock's after-market blades for these Stanley scraper planes are thicker, heavier, and will perform a lot better than the stock blades. Frankly we can’t imagine why anyone who regularly uses one of these model scrapers would use not upgrade. Save the old thin blade for the collectors. All of Hock’s scraper blades come with a pre-ground 45 degree chamfer. The extra heft of the scraper gives a more solid feel to the tool, so you'll get less chatter, and the high-quality carbon steel will keep its edge longer then the original blade. Whether you are using these scrapers to rehabilitate an old model, or getting a brand new one to perform like a champ, this is a very worthwhile upgrade to the stock tool.  

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