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Safety Glasses
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Safety GlassesSafety Glasses
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 Lexa - Wrap-around safety glasses - Clear ($8.95) In Stock
 Maxim Splash Goggle - Fits over Glasses - Clear ($17.95) In Stock
Most folks - at least I hope - use some kind of safety glasses when they’re using power tools. But I suspect that when folks use hand tools, or using a fairly safe operations like sanding, they might skip the protection. This is a mistake: accidents happen all the time. Modern safety goggles are comfortable, inexpensive, and reasonably stylish. Of course, the real goal is to give protection against anything that comes flying towards your eyes, but you’ll also get protection for less traumatic events. Less dust in the eye equals fewer things in the eye. Even better, you can work close up to something without steeling yourself against an injury. In general, always wearing eye protection will making working not only safer, but also less stressful. We stock several styles of safely glasses: a modern look version (on the right), a retro look (on the left), and a splash google that fits over glasses (in the back). We should mention that a lot of people think that their regular eyeglasses afford protection. Well, sorry to say they don’t offer much, and working in a dusty shop will quickly scratch your expensive lenses. We suggest at the very minimum wearing the splash goggle which fits over glasses very comfortably. An even better solution is to go to your local optician and get fitted for a pair of prescription safety glasses. In many cases your insurance will pay for them, and they’ll likely be much more comfortable than any goggle. If you don’t wear glasses, we also stock safety glasses with built in reading diopters - see below - for close-up work.

All our regular safety glasses have comfortable nosepieces and an earpiece that adjusts both for length and angle for maximum comfort. The splash goggle works with glasses, and also offers the kind of protection you will want with or without glasses when working with liquids. Made in USA.
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Safety glasses with reading diopters are AWESOME!

By: R. Hermann (Oct, 2017)

I have been using the safety glasses with magnifiers for years and love them. Having the ability to magnify when doing precision work is great. Trying to solder some of the tiny wires, pare to the tightest line, or looking for flaws in finish- all are easier with a little magnification.
I own this product.

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