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 #3 - 5.5 oz. hammer (for planes over 12" long) - 7 3/4" handle ($78.95) In Stock
 #2 - 4.5 oz. hammer (for planes 6" - 12" long) - left handed - 8 1/4" handle ($73.95) In Stock
 #3 - 5.5 oz. hammer (for planes over 12" long) - left handed - 7 3/4" handle ($78.95) In Stock
We seem to be adding more and more wedged planes to the store, which of course means we're constantly setting the irons on the wedged planes. While in theory any handy hammer should do the trick, I have noticed that most of the people I know who regularly use a wedged plane or an infill seem to have a dedicated small hammer for this purpose. I'm basically pretty suspicious of special-purpose tools, so I looked at these plane-adjusting hammers with some misgivings. When I used them, however, I found that the hammer's light steel head will give you a distinct tap that makes it a lot easier to adjust the plane then my normal hammer choice (whatever is closest). I am a convert! In my shop, I adjust planes on a regular basis, but in the showroom it is something that happens a dozen times a day. For those worried about the steel, the hammers are very light and the steel delivers a delicate tap which means you use a lot less force than you would with either a wood or brass mallet. With their typical attention to detail, Glen-Drake has ergonomically designed the handles (both right and left-handed) so that you will automatically hold the hammer in the correct orientation. On one side of the hammer is of course the head; the other side is ground to a proper screwdriver for the cap iron, or for the fence adjusting screws on filletster and other specialty planes. Three weights are available, which the maker has sized according to plane length. Right now I am playing with the two lightest ones with the lightest being my current favorite. The left-handed version of one of them will definitely find a permanent home in my shop. Overall handle length is listed above. Made in USA.  

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