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 Pegas - Skip Tooth No. 7 .0157 x .0488" (.04x 1.24mm) 14.9tpi (5.9 z/cm) per dozen ($5.45) In Stock New Style!
 Olsen - Double tooth 2/0 per dozen (.011" thick) ($5.95) In Stock
 Olsen - Double tooth 2/0 6 Dozen (72 blades) ($22.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 Olsen - Double tooth 2/0 1 Gross (144 blades) ($42.95) In Stock
 Olsen - Double tooth 3/0 per dozen (.008" thick) ($5.95) In Stock
 Olsen - Double tooth 3/0 6 Dozen (72 blades) ($22.95) In Stock
 Olsen - Double tooth 3/0 1 Gross (144 blades) ($42.95) In Stock
We stock fret saw blades by both Pegas (Swiss) and Olson(USA). Pegas's No. 7 skip tooth blade is designed to be thin and fine with an extra gap between the teeth (skip tooth) to allow fast sawing without clogging. Olsen's 2/0 & 3/0 double tooth blades follow the same idea but have two teeth next to each other followed by a gap. Both makers make quality blades, with the Pegas maybe more suited to cutting dovetail waste, and the Olsen blades more suited for cutting veneer and wood up to about 1/4" thick. The double tooth configuration minimizes tear out, which translates to less wasted time and material.  
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