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Flexcut DrawknivesFlexcut Drawknives
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 3" Draw Knife with Leather Blade Guard - KN25 ($39.95) In Stock
 5" Draw Knife with Leather Blade Guard - KN16 ($50.95) In Stock
Flexcut Drawknives quickly shape a workpiece leaving a smooth surface. Available in two sizes, each comes sharpened and protected with a thick leather blade guard. Wooden handles are comfortable to use, and the small knife is an excellent tool that we found nicely filled a niche between our spokeshaves and gents pattern drawknives. Like their other carving tools, Flexcut Drawknives are designed to flex in use, but it's high quality steel, and razor sharp edges that remain Flexcut's standout features.

The 5" gents pattern drawknife - KN16 has comfortable wooden handles that provide a powerful grip while pulling. The camber of the 5" blade and the splayed handles make it possible to delicately control the tools edge engagement while removing lots of wood.

The 3" Drawknife - KN25 was originally designed for fan carving. We're not fan carvers, but we can speak to this tools usefulness as a more general option for shaping workpieces. The wooden handles provide a solid grip and their shape helps to control edge engagement. We've found ourselves using the small drawknife for tasks that are rougher than a spoke shave can handle, but too delicate for a larger drawknife. The small size, and leather edge guard store easily in a toolbox.

Both drawknives feature 1095 spring steel blades hardened and tempered to between 55 to 58 HRC. The tools come delivered with a mirror polished razor's edge right out of the box. Flexcut's precise heat treatment makes a knife that sharpens as beautifully as it cuts. We never needed more that a few strokes on a strop with honing compound to refresh the edge, and have been quite satisfied with the blade's edge retention.

Flexcut Drawknives are made in Pennsylvania USA.

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