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Half Round Cutting Gauges
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Cutting Gauges are like marking gauges, except they use a knife instead of a pin. They�re used for scoring across the grain and can also be used for cutting strips of wood veneer and small rebates. The cutter is secured in place with a brass wedge, which also enables removal for sharpening the cutter. The Marples cutting gauge features a half-round head (easier to hold) with inset brass wear plates, and locks with a thumbscrew. We offer the Marples cutting gauge in either plantation rosewood or beech. 9 1/2" long stem. Made in Sheffield, England by Joseph Marples.  
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By: Mike Key (Jan, 2015)

I bought the cutting gauge in Beech and I am very happy with the fit an finish.For the price you cannot beat this gauge.
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Joseph Marples Beech Half-Round Cutting Gauge Review

By: Bob Reid (May, 2014)

I liked this cutting gauge a lot. The fit and finish was good and everything worked well. While I might quibble over the plastic screw, I recently bought a small piece of Boxwood to do plane repairs. The price was frightful! I guess tradition will have to take a back seat to affordability. Nice gauge at a good value, especially given the head plating, which many gauges don't have.
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