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Custom Chisel Roll

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An Exclusive!
Custom made to the Museum of Woodworking Tools� specifications!
Here is a product made because I needed it. This 16-pocket chisel roll is big enough for full set of paring chisels, and wide enough for chisels that are 2" wide. It has double flaps so the chisels don't fall out when you roll up the canvas. It has exceptionally deep pockets and is unusually stable. We kept the design simple and unfussy, and passed on the savings to you.
I own a lot of sets of chisels. Bench chisels, paring chisels, mortise chisels, etc., and I like to keep each set together and easily usable. The chisel roll is great because you can store each set of chisels separately. When I work I just grab the roll that I need at the time. Whether I'm working in my shop or on-site, I like to be able to unroll my chisels right next to where I am working. This way I have a full set of what I need right at arms length. I hate wasting time looking for tools.
The chisel roll is the ideal way to protect and store your tools. Unlike a wooden case, it doesn't take up much space, it's easy to carry, and if you haven't filled out the entire roll, it doesn't waste space in a closet. The roll protects your tools. I strongly recommend that you stick an oiled wad of cotton or a balled up piece of fabric (not included) in the bottom of each pocket for extra protection. The cotton wad gives something for the blades to seat in and keeps the pockets open so that the chisels go in and out easily. It also prevents sharp chisel blades from cutting through the canvas. In twenty years I have never accidentally cut up a chisel roll. There is no bounce or shaking, and the chisels are kept separate from each other so the blades are not damaged. Chisel rolls are also a great way to keep other sets of tools together, like a fix-it set of screwdrivers and wrenches, for example.
You can easily store a bunch of chisels that are 17" long, although with the longer chisels the flaps don't fold down as far and if you have only very long chisels in the roll the single tie is a little awkward..

Our custom-made chisel rolls are made with pride in the U.S. The chisel roll is made of sturdy green cotton canvas. (Chisels not included.)

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