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Adjustable Squares By Colen Clenton
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  Colen Clenton
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Squares come in a range of sizes with a usable blade length of 2" - 10". (4" and up shown).Squares come in a range of sizes with a usable blade length of 2" - 10". (4" and up shown).
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Squares come in a range of sizes with a usable blade length of 2" - 10". (4" and up shown).
Squares come in a range of sizes with a usable blade length of 2" - 10". (4" and up shown).
Like their larger cousins, the smaller 2",3", and 4" squares are a joy to use and behold.
Every square in all sizes, show a wonderful level of detailing that we find inspiring.
The blades of all the squares are removable and adjustable by adjusting two screws at the base of each square. The screws connect with bearing rods on each side of the square so you can maintain an incredible level of accuracy.

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Blackwood Squares
 2" - Blackwood ($105.00) In Stock
 3" - Blackwood ($110.00) In Stock
 4" - Blackwood ($132.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 6" - Blackwood ($170.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 8" - Blackwood ($216.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 10" - Blackwood ($280.00) In Stock
Rose She-Oak Squares
 2" - Rose She-Oak ($105.00) In Stock
 3" - Rose She-Oak ($110.00) In Stock
 4" - Rose She-Oak ($132.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 6" - Rose She-Oak ($170.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 8" - Rose She-Oak ($216.00) In Stock
 10" - Rose She-Oak ($280.00) In Stock
Lace She-Oak Squares
 3" - Lace She-Oak ($135.00) In Stock
All a square really has to do is be square, but Colen Clenton is not the kind of craftsman who is ever satisfied with sufficient quality. The problem with some traditional English squares is that over time they may fall out of square due to use. Colen Clenton designed these lovely squares to be adjustable, so that they can be maintained at dead-on 90 degrees.

To square the blade, should it come out of alignment, simply adjust the two set screws concealed in the base of the handle. Slacken one and tighten the other to move the blade to where it should be. Colen's ingenious mechanism is built to last a lifetime; the set screws thread through brass pins, not wood, and each pushes a brass bearing-rod that contacts the blade, to eliminate the possibility that the set screw might wear against the blade.

The blades on all the squares are satin-finished, hardened brass. Brass is a bearing metal and the layout tools will just glide smoothly when running against them. With a traditional awl, there is no danger of cutting into the brass, and with a regular layout knife or disposable knife, the cutting edge isn't next to the blade anyway.

Of course the thing that draws your eyes to the square and makes you want to pick it up is the wonderful wood of the handle. The tools are available in rose she-oak, lace she-oak or blackwood. All of three varities are native Australian timbers known for their hardness, heft, and most important of all, stability. As Charlie, who worked with us when we got the squares in, said, "They look so elegant, they force you to do better work - just to keep up." Made in Australia.  
Customer Reviews:


By: Thomas Priest (Apr, 2013)

The square arrived nestled safely in its package as all the tools I have purchased from TFWW have- the first thing I noticed upon opening was just how absolutely gorgeous the square is, I purchased the 6" with black wood base. The second thing I did was check it against my calibrated Starrett machinist square-perfect not a gap to be seen or felt, that's exactly what I was hoping to find. A square that is as accurate as it is beautiful, apart from working wood I'm also a full blown tool nerd with a love for tech. So having a traditional looking square with adjustable technology is a great find. The square comes with a nice set of instructions, packed in a solid cardboard box not the flimsy type bagged and bubble wrapped. The finish is superb all the machining is crisp and the wood fits in like a glove. This is one tool I will definitely be engraving!! I like it so much I want to order the 3" next to go with it...I highly recommend spending a little extra money, it is well worth it and its always nice to know you are starting square!! Thanks TFWW for stocking Colen's excellent line and all the other tools you make and sell!
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By: John Bonin (Mar, 2013)

I have been looking for awhile for a VERY good square. This looks like what I have been waiting for. (Can't find one on eBay, so that says a great deal about it!) Going to spend the $ as a long-term investment on a quality square. Very nice review on the engineering behind these squares at

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