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Blackwing Pencils
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Blackwing PencilsBlackwing Pencils
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Blackwing Pencils|
Blackwing Pencils| - The erasers can be extended out of their holder as they wear

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 Box of 1 dozen Blackwing 602 - Grey Finish - Firm - Pink Eraser (#104141) ($21.95) In Stock
 Box of 1 dozen Blackwing Pearl Finish - Balanced - White Eraser (#104142) ($21.95) In Stock
 Box of 1 dozen Blackwing - Matte black Finish Soft - Black Eraser (#104140) ($21.95) In Stock
Here at TFWW we hate fighting our equipment. We want chisels that sharpen easily and keep an edge, holdfasts that hold, and writing instruments that don't cause the hand to cramp up.

Does it seem surprising to think of a pencil as a tool? Pencils are now thought of cheap and disposable. We as a society have forgotten what a pleasure it is to use a great writing tool. Blackwing pencils are a revival of a Eberhard Faber pencil from the 1930's. The wood is incense-cedar, the core is a Japanese mix of graphite and clay, and the outside is a smooth, color coded enamel so you can choose a pencil from a variety of hardness options without peering at a number written on the side. The erasers are 13/16" long, of which about 3/16" are exposed at a time (the rest is embedded so it doesn't break off).

The end result is a pencil that writes so smoothly and effortlessly that it will bring you joy. The pleasure of the experience means it’s easier to draw, write, lay out, and mark up your documents, and so take better notes and clearer layout. There is a feel to these pencils that is soft and smooth as the tips glide on the page. The company's motto, embossed on the sides of the 602, is "Half the pressure. Twice the speed. " Quite true. These are humble tools but they will help your productivity increase.

All three hardnesses of the pencil will write far more smoothly than a random #2. The most popular pencil is the gray-bodied Blackwing 602, which is considered "Hard.” Other options are the black-bodied "Soft" and a white-bodied “Pearl” or mixed version. While each version has a distinct feel, all write considerably more smoothly than a generic pencil would. The Firm 602 is most suited to writing, layout, drawing, and general woodwork. The Soft black is very suitable for drawing, although on rough wood it produces a slightly darker line. The Pearl is in the middle.

We strongly recommend that you use the Blackwing two step long point sharpener to sharpen these pencils. The concept is step 1 sharpens the wood first to expose the lead, then in step 2 you point the lead.

Sold in boxes of 1 dozen only. Each pencil is about 8" long (normal pencil length). The boxes are elegant and suitable for presents.

Customer Reviews:

Amazing pencils

By: Mike (Jan, 2019)

I own the black finish soft pencils. Amazing. The hidden benefit of owning such nice pencils is that I take care not to lose them! I bought these more expensive pencils because I was annoyed by pencils with cracked leads and crappy erasers. These write beautifully. I like the soft pencils for marking dark lines on wood that don't compress the wood fibers.
I own this product.

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