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The sliding bevel is an essential hand tool used for dovetailing and transferring angles. You will reach for again and again. When you lay out the original angles on the wood, a fixed or adjustable guide can be used, but when fitting the pins to the tails (or vice versa), setting the bevel to the actual angle you actually cut will yield far better fitting joints! The level lock allows great leverage and it is easy to clamp the blade rigidly so that it doesn't move. We offer a range of bevels from Joseph Marples, the well-known Sheffield toolmaker, and all of them fit this bill well. All of these bevels are rosewood with brass tips and have a blued steel blade secured by a brass locking lever. The 7 1/2 bevel is the most common for cabinet work, but some people prefer the 10" size. The 10" and 12" are most used in shipbuilding and framing. For sizes, see below. We also carry a budget beech bevel, and a small 4 1/2" bevel which are listed below as separate products. Made in England.  
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