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  London Pattern Ashley Iles Carving Tools
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 York Set ($199.95) In Stock
 Lincoln Set ($218.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 Canterbury Set ($399.51) In Stock
 Westminster Set ($590.35) In Stock
 Exhibition Set ($738.66) In Stock
 Supplimentary Set 1 ($219.95) In Stock
 Supplimentary Set 2 ($226.95) In Stock
 Supplimentary Set 3 ($229.95) In Stock
Our carving tools sets all come in presentation boxes and include the tools you're likeliest to need. Very convenient and very good value! We have four sets, ranging from 6 to 24 tools. Most carvers start out with the York set and build using the three supplementary sets of six tools into the 12-piece Canterbury, 18-piece Westminster or 24-piece Exhibition sets. (The Lincoln set is a 6-piece set like the York but with one different tool). You of course can also just get a larger set to begin with at greater savings. The supplementary sets can also be purchased separately. A great way to start carving.
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Full Set Name
#39 1/4" "V" Tool #39, 1/16" Veiner #11, 1/4" gouge #9, 3/8" Flat Gouge #3, 5/8" gouge #5, 5/8" Chisel #1
The Lincon set is the same as the York set only some people prefer it for for general wood sculpture 3/4" Gouge #4, 1/16" Veiner #11, 1/4" gouge #9, 3/8" Flat Gouge #3, 5/8" gouge #5, 5/8" Chisel #1
Supplementary 1
Same as York with the addition of these 6 tools: 1/2" curved gouge #15, 3/4"" gouge #4, 3/8" Gouge #5, 1/2"" Gouge #9, 1/4" Gouge #4, 3/8" Corner Chisel #2
Supplementary 2
Same as Canterbury with the addition of these 6 tools: 1/16" gouge #6 , 1/8" gouge #5, 1/8" gouge #8, 1/8" "V" Tool #39, 3/16" Curved Gouge #18 , 1/8" chisel #1
Supplementary 3
Same as Westminster with the addition of these 6 tools: 3/16" Gouge #11, 3/8" gouge #9, 5/8" gouge #3, 3/4" gouge #6, 1/4" grounding tool #47, 3/8" curved gouge #14
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