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Mk2 Beveled Edge Bench Chisels by Ashley Iles
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 1/8" wide ($35.51) In Stock
 1/4" wide ($28.31) Temporarily Sold Out
 3/8" wide ($30.11) Temporarily Sold Out
 1/2" wide ($31.01) In Stock
 5/8" wide ($26.96) In Stock
 3/4" wide ($33.26) In Stock
 7/8" wide ($33.71) In Stock
 1" wide ($35.51) In Stock
 1 1/4" wide ($43.16) Temporarily Sold Out
 1 1/2" wide ($48.56) Temporarily Sold Out
 2" wide ($59.36) Temporarily Sold Out
 Set of 4 in a cardboard box ($121.08) Temporarily Sold Out
 Narrow set of 6 (1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1") ($182.92) Temporarily Sold Out
 Standard set of 6 (1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1") ($174.85) Temporarily Sold Out
 Complete set of all 11 sizes ($388.83) Temporarily Sold Out
For years Ashley Iles have been selling a really excellent range of bench chisels. However there were three complaints against them: The handles were too big, the grinding on the sides was very narrow but could be narrower, and the handles were too big. Then Iles introduced their American Pattern Chisels which addressed most of these issues, but still people asked for a longer English style bench chisel. Here It is. All the chisels 1" and under use a smaller, carving style handle which is very comfortable, the sides are ground as thin as humanly possible, and just for frosting the backs have been very carefully ground to be ever so slightly hollow - so that it is easy to bring the cutting edge to flat. The handles are bubinga. The steel is wonderful oil hardening carbon steel hardened to about Rc61. The chisels come from the factory with a edge which can be used as is or can be easily honed to perfection.

Ashley Iles is a small company with an outstanding reputation throughout Europe. They�re now becoming better known in the U.S., and the price and performance of these chisels will give some of their larger competitors a run for their money. These are some of the nicest bench chisels made in decades.

A full range of sizes is available individually or as sets at a further discount.

The set of 4 includes the 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", and 1" wide chisels. The set of 6 also includes the 3/8" and either the 1/8" or 5/8" wide chisels.
Made In England.  
Customer Reviews:

Decent chisels

By: James Navarro (Mar, 2015)

They're an all around good chisel for the price. I've used them extensively for the past few months and I am pretty satisfied. The larger sizes are near perfect. The backs were fairly easy to flatten. They take a very keen edge and feel balanced. But I did run into issues at first. Nearly every chisel arrived skewed, which is pretty easy to correct and you will probably want to prepare the bevel to your liking before using any way. But I thought it worth mentioning. I've also encountered edge brittleness on some of the smaller sizes that went away with honing -- except for the 1/4" chisel, which TFWW offered to replace no questions asked. And a few of the furrels came lose over the winter. This was kinda expected and I fixed it with quick-set epoxy. They work great now. Another word of caution: the smaller chisels are very thin and quite flexible -- even under hand pressure. Not the kind of chisel you want to strike very hard with a mallet.
I own this product.

Thoroughly satisfied

By: David Taylor (Mar, 2015)

I have tried many chisels over the years, from the Marples Blue chips up through some fancy Japanese chisels (well, I own one :) I bought the 1" MKII a while ago, mainly because my Marples keeps losing its edge every time it gets near a piece of pine, so I wanted something that would last a bit longer. To my surprise, right out of the box this thing slips through wood, leaving a shiny surface! I used it to make a tool box out of white cedar scraps left over from my shop door build, and even that soft, brittle wood shines under the slice of this tool. I have yet to hone it! I am so thoroughly impressed I have embarked on a quest to get them all. Once done, I will be listing my current mismatched set on eBay, watch for them!
I own this product.

A woodworker who wants to buy chisels

By: Tim (Jan, 2015)

I'm in the market for a set chisels. As a former manager in retail, I'll say there are many competing for the consumer's dollar. It would pay you to do whatever you need to to have stock on hand because when the customer is ready to buy, he will go somewhere else instead of waiting....exactly what I'm going to do.

Improving an already good thing

By: Patrick Gibbons (Oct, 2013)

I bought the original AI chisels when TFWW first got them and was pleased with them. I cut down the handles on the chisels under 1" and liked their extra thickness. When the MK2's came out, I bought some sizes to finish my set. WOW! The concave backs were ready to go with very little effort. The sides were beveled to a wonderful thinness and the blades were thinner overall and shorter. This, along with smaller handles, greatly improved the balance. Too bad I'm so cheap. Otherwise I'd replace all my chisels with the new Mk2's.
I own this product.


By: Alonso Florez (Apr, 2013)

I got the three bigger ones and they are a delight to work with them. Hold edge very good. they are up to their standards
I own this product.

Amazing Chisels

By: Art Kieres (Mar, 2013)

We just got a set of these in the shop to compliment our American Pattern set and they're great! The sides are ground extremely thin which makes them wonderful for getting into tight places. The blades are a bit thinner than most bench chisels, but seem very strong and if you're beating on them hard enough for it to matter you should probably be using a mortise chisel anyway... Thanks Ashley Isles and TFWW for another outstanding set of chisels.
I own this product.

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