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Round Back Dovetail Chisels by Ashley Iles
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 Set of 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1" and both skew chisels. ($169.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 1/16" wide ($35.51) In Stock
 1/8" wide ($33.71) In Stock
 1/4" wide ($26.51) Temporarily Sold Out
 3/8" wide ($28.76) Temporarily Sold Out
 1/2" wide ($29.21) In Stock
 3/4" wide ($35.06) In Stock
 1" wide ($33.71) In Stock
 Pair of 1/4" Fishtail Skew Chisels ($64.95) Temporarily Sold Out
Round-back chisels are a traditional chisel profile that appeared typically on larger sized chisels, but died out sometime in the late 19th century. Ashley Iles has resurrected the style in a light, nimble set designed for dovetailing. The chisels have a half oval cross-section, which means that they are relieved at the sides which gives clearance for getting into the corner of a dovetail. Though light, the chisels have proper tangs and bolsters, and so you can use a mallet on the bubinga handles (albeit with a light touch). They are made like carving tools, and are hand forged and hand ground. The steel used is oil hardening high carbon steel (O1), which means that the chisels can be ground to a low angle for better penetration and more control. (Lower bevel angles require less force for the same depth of cut, and less force means more control.) The shallower bevel also means that chisel will move less in the cut. The chisels come with a 25 degree bevel. For best performance, try to maintain this angle or just add a true micro-bevel of a few degrees for added strength.

The chisels have a very nice feel to them. Though they�re strong enough for light malleting, they�re ground thin enough so that they have that slight flex you find in top quality (although much longer) paring chisels. In addition to the four sizes of chisels, Ashley Iles has added a pair of left and right handed single bevel fishtail skew chisels for cleaning up the corners of a blind dovetail. Made in England.  
Customer Reviews:

Great paring chisel

By: Mike H. (Nov, 2014)

I have the 1/2" chisel for cleaning up between the tails. I like it because it is thin enough to fit into a very narrow opening that even a 1/4 bench chisel will not. It sharpens up nicely and cuts great. The blade is flexible but strong. I consider it a paring chisel and would never strike it with a mallet. I just wish it included a plastic edge guard for storage.
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Excellent Chisels

By: Doug F. (Aug, 2013)

These are amazing chisels at an amazing price. I have the 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, 1 and a set of skew chisels. They are all wonderfully comfortable in the hand and perfect for dovetails and other paring work. They take an edge quickly and hold their edge well. The 1/8 and 1/4 I would NEVER hit with a mallet because they're just too thin, but the others I have lightly tapped with no evil consequences. I find a reason to use these over my bench chisels. Highly recommended.
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A Very Good Paring Chisel...An Ideal Tool for Luthiers

By: Todd Stock (Jun, 2013)

As a luthier, most chisel work is paring cuts in anything from spruce to ebony...the Ashley Ilses do a fine job of it...even at the shallow bevel angles I use. From the light, slightly flexible, beautifully radiused and tapered blade to the well-shaped, unlabeled handle, these chisels almost purpose made for instrument builders. The only frustration I have with the tool is that Joel is out of stock on the 1/4" size...
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Round Back Dovetail chisels - fantastic tool at a fair price

By: Randy Clements (Mar, 2013)

They are extraordinary. So sharp, so nimble. Wouldn't want to really WHALLOP these, they are a bit more delicate, but I love the way they work for dovetails. They pare excellently. Can get right down into the corner as the edges are tapered down to the back. I have the 1/4" and 3/8" sizes and they are fantastic. I think I may get one or two more to fill out a set.
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