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American Pattern Beveled Edge Chisels by Ashley Iles
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 1/8" wide ($34.61) In Stock
 1/4" wide ($27.41) Temporarily Sold Out
 3/8" wide ($29.21) In Stock
 1/2" wide ($30.11) In Stock
 5/8" wide ($31.46) In Stock
 3/4" wide ($32.36) In Stock
 7/8" wide ($32.81) In Stock
 1" wide ($34.61) In Stock
 1 1/4" wide ($42.26) In Stock
 1 1/2" wide ($48.11) In Stock
 2" wide ($58.91) In Stock
 Set of 4 ($117.56) Temporarily Sold Out
 Narrow set of 6 (1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1") ($177.82) Temporarily Sold Out
 Standard set of 6 (1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1") ($174.85) Temporarily Sold Out
 Complete set of all 11 sizes ($379.48) Temporarily Sold Out
True butt chisels are short, squat things with bulbous handles and, typically, square sides. They're good for fine joinery and cabinetwork (the chisels originally were used for making the housings for butt hinges) and for woodworkers who aren't comfortable with the heftier size of traditional bench chisels.

Ashley Iles Edge Tools gets a lot of attention and high marks in chisel reviews for their traditional London Pattern bench chisels, and the company wanted to bring a comparable level of craft to their line of butt chisels. After doing a lot of testing with cabinetmakers, they made a few subtle changes that turned a typical butt chisel into what we think will become a very popular new style. We call them "American Pattern Bevel Edged Chisels" because with the new handle, they aren't really butt chisels anymore. They are similar to some of the more popular classic American chisels that used to be manufactured here.

First of all, the chisels are short, which for smaller work is a real boon. The sides are beveled, like those of a classic bench chisel, to let you get into much smaller spaces than a traditional butt chisel. Finally, the handles are specifically designed to be easy to grasp. (There are actually two sizes of handles (chisels of greater width than 1" get a larger handle.) Of course as in all Ashley Iles tools, the butt chisels have great steel and flat backs.

The feedback we've received on Ashley Iles chisels has been so positive that we want to expand the selection of their tools as much as we can.

Overall length, 7 1/2" - 9 1/4" . Usable Blade length approximately 2 5/8". Bubinga handles.

A full range of sizes is available individually or as sets at a further discount. The set of 4 includes the 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", and 1" wide chisels. The set of 6 also includes the 3/8" and either the 1/8" or 5/8" wide chisels.
Made In England.  
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Customer Reviews:

Good Chisel but gotta watch quality control

By: Randy (Dec, 2013)

Nice chisels, decent steel (though the 1" needed to be sharpened a few times before reaching the harder steel, initially chipped easily). Of the set of 4, 3 were returned due to the edges being out of square, one so much so that it looked like a skew chisel. TFWW was excellent in sending out inspected replacements-very pleased! Nice for detail work.
I own this product.

Good chisel after flattening the back

By: Tom (Mar, 2013)

The backs of these chisels needed quite a bit of lapping to get them flat, but once there they have been used regularly in my shop. The chisels hold their edges well and if honed before they dull they keep cutting through large projects.
I own this product.

Almost the perfect chisel

By: Art Kieres (Mar, 2013)

I've owned these chisels for years and they are amazing. Great steel and the small size is more comfortable to use even though I have large hands. These are the go to set in the shop and are used every day. We also have the Mk2's by Ashley Isles and I wish the sides of these were ground thinner like those are, but I like that these blades seem to be a bit thicker so maybe that's not possible... Highly recommended!
I own this product.

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