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 A Pair of 7/8" Saw Nut Assemblies - Brass (includes 2 each: Bolt, Nut, Lock Washer) ($14.95) In Stock
 A Pair of 7/8" Saw Nut Assemblies - Steel (includes 2 each: Bolt, Nut, Lock Washer) ($14.95) In Stock
 Split nut driver ($9.95) In Stock
Keeping to the aesthetic of 18th century and early 19th century saws, we designed the Gramercy Split Nut with improved function. An earlier saw would have been riveted, preventing disassembly and, frankly, looking rather ugly. Split nuts were invented to bury the nut in a countersunk handle, then the piece was ground flush. Our Gramercy Split Nuts will fit perfectly in a Gramercy handle of course, or can be adapted to your own custom saw handle that is ⅞” thick.

An historic split nut would have a square shank to allow tightening inside the handle - we cut out the need for a square mortise by adding a bronze lock washer that binds with the wood and reduces overall chatter in the saw. All you need is a 3/16” drill bit and a split-nut driver. You can fashion a split nut driver of your own by cutting a slot into a screwdriver, or pick up the Gramercy Split Nut Driver we designed for this express purpose.

Choose between brass to match the saw backing or carbon steel for an accent detail; both with develop a handsome patina.

Made in the USA.


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