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Festool Vacuum Pump Clamping System VAC SYSFestool Vacuum Pump Clamping System VAC SYS
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 VAC SYS System (VAC PMP item# 201064 + VAC SYS SE1 Clamping Module item# 201065 + hose and foot valve) (#203148) ($990.00) In Stock
 VAC SYS System Set (same as VAC SYS System 203148(above) + VAC SYS SE 2 #580062) (#203149) ($1375.00) In Stock
 Vacuum Pump VAC SYS VP (Pump only) (#201064) ($620.00) In Stock
 VAC SYS SE 1 Clamping Module (#201065) ($425.00) In Stock
 VAC SYS SE 2 Clamping Module (#580062) ($425.00) In Stock
 VAC SYS MFT Clamp (#494977) ($270.00) In Stock
 Hose D16 x 5m (#495293) ($110.00) In Stock
 Foot Valve FV (included with VAC SYS SE1 Clamping Module #201065) (#580063) ($110.00) In Stock
 VAC SYS ACC Systainer (includes 580064, 580065, and 580066 Vacuum Cups) (#495294) ($380.00) In Stock
 Vacuum Cup VT 200x60, Small (#580064) ($110.00) In Stock
 Vacuum Cup VT 277x32, Narrow (#580065) ($160.00) In Stock
 Vacuum Cup VT 275x100, Oblong (#580066) ($130.00) In Stock
 Vacuum Cup VT D 215, Round (#580067) ($130.00) In Stock
Traditional clamping methods take time and aren't always obvious for odd shaped items. For regular shaped work a vacuum clamping system is a huge time-saver. The Festool Vac Sys uses a powerful vacuum pump, an assortment of rubber, no-mar clamping cups, and a easily positional clamp head to hold your workpiece without limiting access. A foot pedal frees up both of your hands to position the work until you are ready to lock everything in place and the entire apparatus is small, efficient, and easily portable.

The basic Vac Sys system consists of a pump, a clamp with a large, round, no-mar rubber clamping cup, hose, and foot valve. This is the starting setup. For odder shapes, and irregular surfaces consider the accessory set of three more rubber, no-mar clamping cups.

For regular work on flat surfaces where you need access to the edges of the work, for example routing edges, edge-banding, or flush trimming, the Vac Sys will allow you to easily and rigidly clamp on the face of the work leaving the edges free of interference. Some craftspeople will find that for really large, or curved objects having two clamping units makes the job that much more solid and that much easier. Both units operate off of the same vacuum pump and you can save a little by getting the Vac Sys System Set which contains the pump and round clamp head as before but also includes a second clamp and an rubber, no mar rubber clamping cup.

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