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Festool Vacuums (Dust Extractors)

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Festool Vacuums (Dust Extractors)
Festool Vacuums (Dust Extractors) - The CT SYS is the most portable vacuum that Festool has ever made.
Festool Vacuums (Dust Extractors) - Inside the CT-SYS nozzles are conveniently stored for handy on the job clean-up
Festool Vacuums (Dust Extractors) - Job sites today require constant attention to cleanliness

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CT SYS Mobile Vacuum (#575280)CT SYS Mobile Vacuum (#575280)cancel CT SYS Mobile Vacuum (#575280) ($395.00) In Stock
CT Mini Vacuum (#575260)CT Mini Vacuum (#575260)cancel CT Mini Vacuum (#575260) ($540.00) Sold Out
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CT Midi Vacuum (#575267)CT Midi Vacuum (#575267)cancel CT Midi Vacuum (#575267) ($590.00) Sold Out
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CT 26 E USA 120V HEPA (#574930)CT 26 E USA 120V HEPA (#574930)cancel CT 26 E USA 120V HEPA (#574930) ($730.00) In Stock
CT 36 E USA 120V HEPA (#574935)CT 36 E USA 120V HEPA (#574935)cancel CT 36 E USA 120V HEPA (#574935) ($790.00) Sold Out
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CT 48 E USA 120V HEPA (#574938)CT 48 E USA 120V HEPA (#574938)cancel CT 48 E USA 120V HEPA (#574938) ($830.00) In Stock
FS-VAC.XX CT26 CT36 CT48 mini vac CTMIDI CTMINI midi vac CTSYS
The Festool system all comes together around dust extraction. All Festool HEPA filter vacuums (and that's all of them, with the exception of the special-purpose CT36 AC) are designed with safety and speed in mind. Safe because they keep dust out of the air and out of your lungs, and fast because they reduce clean up, turn on automatically with your tooling, and are portable for quick setup.

One of the most popular features of all Festool Dust Extractors is the Auto Start feature. Here's how it works: Plug your tool into the vacuum, and the vacuum into the wall. Rotate the dial on the vacuum to "Auto" and attach the hose to your tool. When you start the tool - whether it's an orbital sander, a track saw, or even the Conturo edge banding system - the vacuum starts immediately.

While each size vacuum packs the same Festool quality, you'll want to match the size of vac you purchase to the scale of work, and level or portability you need. From smallest to largest there are 6 models of Festool Dust Extractor:

CT 26
CT 36
CT 48

(Please note that the CT 36 is not the same as the CT 36 Autoclean, the specialized vac that uses interval reverse suction to ensure that drywall sanding and similar operations don’t clog the filters. To learn more about the CT 36 Autoclean vs. CT 36, go to the link at the bottom of the page.) All Festool CT dust extractors feature:

Tool-triggered or manual start
Centered handle for lifting
Wet or dry extraction with no complicated conversion
Long, flexible, anti-static, non-kink hose
Lock Systainers onto the vac
Sold with filter (HEPA except 36AC), hose, cord and 1 bag
All wheeled models have a wheel lock, and low center of gravity

Choosing the Right Dust Extractor:

The CT SYS offers ultimate portability, tool-triggered activation, and HEPA-certified dust extraction. It can be carried in a stack of T-Lock Systainers, alone using the built-in handle, or with the detachable shoulder strap. The hose can be switched to the air outlet to use as a blower. It packs full-size performance and is ideal for taking to a jobsite for sanding or spotless installation. Note that its small bag capacity will fill up very quickly if used with a Track Saw, Router, or Domino. Includes Anti-Static Hose, HEPA filter (1), Filter Bag (1)

Container/Bag capacity 1.1 gal/.9 gal (4.5L/3.5L)
Anti-Static Hose1-1/16" x 9.8' (27mm x 3m)
D x W x H15-9/16” x 11-5/8” x 10-5/8”
Max. Suction106 CFM (3,000 l/min)
Noise67 dBA
Power1000 watts, 8.3 amps 120v AC
Weight15.2 lbs (6.9 kg)

The CT MINI and CT MIDI are great for onsite work or small workshops. Both the MINI and MIDI can easily be easily lifted into a vehicle or carried up a flight of stairs, and both come with HEPA-certified filters and tool-triggered activation. Like the full-sized Festool Dust Extractors, Systainers can be clipped securely to the top of the hose garage, and the wheels make it easy to wheel your Dust Extractor around the shop with your entire Festool arsenal neatly in their Systainers. We typically recommend the MIDI over the MINI - its 50% larger bag capacity makes it a better choice for use with a Track Saw, Router, or Domino. Either is an excellent choice for any of the Festool sanders, and for occasional use with a saw, joiner, or router.

Container/Bag capacity2.6 gal/2 gal (10 liters/7.5 liters)3.96 gal/3.3 gal (15 liters/12.5 liters)
Anti-Static Hose1 1/16" x 11.5' (27mm x 3.5m)
D x W x H17.5" x 13.5" x 18.5"17.5" x 13.5" x 16.5"
Max. Suction130 CFM (2807 l/min)
Noise62 dB (low setting) - 72 dB (maximum setting)
Power400-1200 watts / 3.3-10 amps 120v AC
Weight21 lbs. (9.5 kg)21.4 lbs. (9.7 kg)

Festool CT 26, CT 36, and 48 dust extractors provide HEPA filtration, large volume filter bags, and tool triggered activation perfect for use with Festool Track saws, Routers, Kapex, or sanders. Available clean up sets, and additional hoses make easy clean up. For the professional or serious woodworker, the full size vac will quickly become the center of your workflow.

Festool has just made design improvements to the 2018 versions of the CT dust extractors. All CTs except the CT 36 AC have a new hose design that tapered and flexible, with a smooth exterior surface that offers less friction, a longer service life and greater suction power. And all CTs have a new cord holder that allows the table to be wound up quickly and neatly. The cord can also be quickly removed from the holder without unwinding. Finally, the The universal SYS-Dock hose garage on all CT dust extractor allows for the secure connection of a T-LOC or Classic Systainers, Sortainers and SYS-Toolboxes.

Container/Bag Capacity6.9 gal/6.3 gal (26L/23.8L)9.5 gal/8.9gal (35.9L/33.7L)12.7 gal/12.2 gal 48L/46.1L
D x W x H24.8" x 14.4" x 21.5"24.8" x 14.4" x 23.4"28.1 x 15.4 x 27.0"
Max. Suction137 CFM
Noise 62 - 72 db(A)
Power350-1200 watts, 2.9-10.0 amps 120v AC
Weight28.7 lbs.29.8 lbs. (13.5 kg)35.9 lbs. (16.3 kg)

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