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Found in Departments: All 5" (125mm) Festool Sandpaper
  FESTOOL 5" Sanders, Sander Accessories, and Abrasives
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 25 pieces of 24 grit (#493124) ($35.00) In Stock
 25 pieces of 36 grit (#493125) ($35.00) In Stock
 25 pieces of 50 grit (#493126) ($35.00) In Stock
 25 pieces of 80 grit (#493127) ($35.00) In Stock
Saphir is for heavy duty, coarse sanding of wood, plastics, fiberglass, composites, paint, and stucco, and for such rugged tasks as removing corrosion from weathered steel and hull work on boats. Use it on hard materials and in difficult areas - heavily worn stairs would be a good example - where standard abrasives just don�t hold up. It offers exceptional services life because of its high tear-resistant fabric backing and heat-resistant bonding coat.  

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