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Festool Vlies Sandpaper for DX 93 Detail Sanding No reviews yet - add a review
Found in Departments: FESTOOL Detail Sander, Sander Accessories, and Abrasives
  FESTOOL Rotex 90 Multifunction Sander, Sander Accessories, and Abrasives
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 10 pieces of 120 grit (#487605) ($22.00) In Stock
 10 pieces of 280 grit (#487606) ($22.00) In Stock
Vlies is made of elastic fiber mat with embedded abrasive particles (similar to Norton BearTex). It�s the perfect material anytime you need to do deep pore cleaning on natural woods, veneers and contours. It�s also great for removing rust and tarnish. It is very forgiving of uneven surfaces.  

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