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  FESTOOL Rotex 90 Multifunction Sander, Sander Accessories, and Abrasives
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 10 pieces of 100 grit (#496014) ($5.00) In Stock
 50 pieces of 150 grit (#486453) ($13.00) In Stock
Rubin sandpaper is recommended for sanding bare wood, wood composites, and wood veneers. It has a special coating that is designed to shed wood fibers so that the sandpaper will not clog. The abrasive is closed-coated aluminum oxide, with a synthetic resin binding. The common grits of intermediate sanding, 80 - 120, allow fast stock removal while still retaining a good quality finish. Go coarser (24 - 60) for rougher stock removal and finer (150 - 180) for finish sanding.  
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