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Sanding pad soft 93 (#488715)Sanding pad soft 93 (#488715) Sanding pad soft 93 (#488715) ($24.00) In Stock
Sanding pad hard 93 (#488716)Sanding pad hard 93 (#488716) Sanding pad hard 93 (#488716) ($24.00) In Stock
Sanding pad slat 93 (#488036)Sanding pad slat 93 (#488036) Sanding pad slat 93 (#488036) ($22.00) In Stock
Base plate - Type: Tp-DX-2(snap) (#488717)Base plate - Type: Tp-DX-2(snap) (#488717) Base plate - Type: Tp-DX-2(snap) (#488717) ($22.00) In Stock
Base plate and pad (replacement) (#488899)Base plate and pad (replacement) (#488899) Base plate and pad (replacement) (#488899) ($32.00) In Stock
The big difference between the Festool DX detail sander and its competitors is that the DX is a real orbital sander. Unlike other detail sanders, whose heads just wave and wobble back and forth, the DX gives you real orbital sanding action. The DX is the only sander left in the Festool line that doesn�t have a detachable cord, but the sander does connect to the regular vacuuming systems with the standard hose. (Although the hose connection is oval, not circular, to keep in with the basic low profile and body grip of the tool design, this does not impair the connection - just squeeze the hose a bit.) Of course, like all of Festool�s sanders, the DX has variable speed and is well designed ergonomically.

Use the DX for detail sanding: getting into corners and places where other sanders won�t reach. It makes your round disk sanders a lot more versatile simply because inner corners are no big deal. You can also use it for touching up moldings and other bits where you need the finesse that a small, easy-to-handle router gives you. Recently Festool added the ironing board bottom DTS 400 sander, which can work for details and might be a little more "all purpose," but we�ve found that most of our customers prefer using the largest disk they can for the bulk work - 5", 6" or even the 1/2" sheet RS 2, with the understanding that the DX 93 will finish the job perfectly in less time. We do too. I should also mention that, as someone who is old enough to have hand sanded lots and lots of places where my old orbital sander couldn�t get to, in the days when detail standers didn�t exist, I think the DX is just great!

The body is only 2 1/4" in diameter, which makes it very easy to grip for comfortable, controlled, fatigue- free work. The sanding stoke is 2.5mm, which is almost what you get on much larger orbital sanders. It really moves material! The sander comes with the soft sanding pad and is packed in a Systainer 1.

Hard, soft and accessories pads are available, as is a very good selection of paper cut for the sander.

Power consumption:150 Watts / 1.3 amps 120 v AC
Pad size: 3 11/16" (93 mm)
Speed: 5000 - 9700 orbits per minute
Sanding stroke: 3/32" (2.5 mm)
Dust extractor connection: 1 1/16" (27 mm)
Weight: 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg)


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