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Festool SYSLITE DUO Work LightFestool SYSLITE DUO Work Light
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Festool SYSLITE DUO Work Light|
Festool SYSLITE DUO Work Light| - The cord neatly stores on the back of the unit.
Festool SYSLITE DUO Work Light|
Festool SYSLITE DUO Work Light|
Festool SYSLITE DUO Work Light|

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 SYSLITE DUO-Set - Light and Tripod (#574657) ($435.00) In Stock
 DUO 200 Light only (#769967) ($300.00) In Stock
 Duo 200 Tripod only (#200038) ($204.00) In Stock
The Festool Syslight DUO is a thoroughly-considered portable lighting system. Designed to replace hot, fragile worklights, the Syslight DUO has a high-powered LED array that pumps out 8000 lumens and breaks a sweat at only 194°F - gone are the days of the halogen fire hazards. No lamp can beat the 10,000-hour life of LEDs either. The body is both impact and water resistant (IP55), and features a safe-carry grab handle and storage for the 16-foot cord.

Optimized for the discerning craftsman, the Syslight DUO evenly projects to 180°, minimizing the chance that a blemish will be hiding in the shadows, and the color temperature is a faithful 5000°K to simulate the color of daylight.

The Syslight DUO sits safely on the floor, and can be mounted to a DUO 200 Tripod or hung from its suspension mount. The heavy duty DUO 200 Tripod extends to 7 ft. for finding the perfect angle of illumination or folds up for easy transport.

Made in Germany.


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