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Replacement Brushes for Festool ToolsReplacement Brushes for Festool Tools
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 Pair of brushes For ETS 150 and ES 150 & ES 125 Sanders(#491363) ($14.21) In Stock
 Pair of brushes For ETS 125, RTS, DTSSanders(#490714) ($14.21) In Stock
 Pair of brushes For RAS 115, RO150E Sanders(#493464) ($14.21) In Stock
 Pair of brushes For RO 125 FEQ Sander(#493472) ($14.21) In Stock
 Pair of brushes For RO 150 FEQ Sander(#494145) ($10.43) In Stock
 Pair of brushes For TS 75, TS 55 EQSander(#492014) ($14.21) In Stock
 Pair of brushes For Kapex KS120 (#494785) ($20.79) In Stock
In normal shop usage motor brushes will eventually wear out. In professional grade tools like Festool they can be easily and inexpensively replaced. The actual replacement takes five minutes. If you bring the tool to the shop we will replace the brushes for you at no charge (except for cost of the brushes). Replacing the brushes yourself is also not hard to do. We stock most of the replacement brushes you might need for most of the Festool power tool line.

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