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Clifton Spokeshaves
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The Clifton Spokeshaves are easily the most handsome spokeshaves we’ve come across, with performance to match. The bodies are a beautifully polished alloy of spherical graphite and malleable iron, which makes for an unbreakable base that tunes up well and rests easy in the hand. The blades are O1 tool steel, cryogenically treated for optimum toughness and sharpness. The soles of the Clifton Spokeshaves sit firmly on the piece, and the thumbscrew allows for precision adjustment of depth of cut. There is no better tool for refining the complex surfaces of ergonomic objects.

Flat Bottom - The Flat Bottom Spokeshave is arguably the most versatile; it can be used on any outside curve or flat surface. The flat base registers well against the piece for steady chamfering, and with patience and technique, the Flat Bottom can be used for fine rounding.

Round Bottom - The Round Bottom Spokeshave has a base that curves up and away from the blade, remaining parallel to the cutting edge. It is best used for dramatic interior curves, such as the flourish on a cabriole leg. With a surgically steady hand, the Round Bottom can be used for chamfering and flattening, but the slightest adjustment in angle will change the severity of cut. Best used for interior curvature detailing.

Concave Bottom - The Concave Bottom Spokeshave is more adept than the Flat Bottom at creating consistent outside curves on pieces such as spokes or spindles. Quickly and effortlessly smooth a square timber into a perfectly round rod, or put a nice rounded chamfer on a table's edge.

Convex Bottom - The Convex Bottom is helpful for long, gouging strokes, or for smoothing out a hollow surface, such as a chair seat. It can be used for aggressive roughing or the refinement of an inside slope.

For making chairs, stair banisters, furniture legs, or elegant handles, there is no better set of tools, and Clifton makes the top of the line when it comes to spokeshaves.

Made in Sheffield, England.   
Customer Reviews:

By: jeff cole (Jul, 2016)

I am using a Clifton concave spokeshave, in concert with a draw knife, to make multiple hardwood carriage wheel spokes and rims, The blades are of superb quality and hold their edge wonderfully.
I own this product.


By: Brian Barney (May, 2016)

Well built but has one major draw back compared to other brands, there is no way to shim throat opening to control shaving thickness.
I own this product.

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