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Clifton Curved Spokeshaves
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  Spokeshaves and Drawknives
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 Convex Spokeshave ($119.95) In Stock
 Convex Spokeshave Iron Only ($33.95) In Stock
 Concave Spokeshave ($119.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 Concave Spokeshave Iron Only ($33.95) In Stock
Another tool that is extremely useful for chairmaking, stairmaking and other types of work where you do a lot of rounding of complex surfaces. These spokeshaves are made of unbreakable iron and have an adjusting mechanism for the blade. These are not inexpensive tools, but neither are they compromised in any way.
Made in England  
Customer Reviews:

By: jeff cole (Jul, 2016)

I am using a Clifton concave spokeshave, in concert with a draw knife, to make multiple hardwood carriage wheel spokes and rims, The blades are of superb quality and hold their edge wonderfully.
I own this product.


By: Brian Barney (May, 2016)

Well built but has one major draw back compared to other brands, there is no way to shim throat opening to control shaving thickness.
I own this product.

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