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For drilling in wood using a power drill brad-point drill bits are the most common and most effective type of drill bit to use. But there are many different permutations of brad-point bits. These innovative drill bits have a twinned flute design that significantly reduces the problems of skidding, trapped woodchips and chip burn. The patented design, featuring a longer than standard self-cutting point and a flute angle of 25 degrees, gives you faster drilling, cleaner exit holes and a reduced risk of overheating. The long center point also allows you to start a hole at an angle and drill cleanly. Chairmakers will find that feature particularly useful.

The bits are made of HSS M2 steel and sharpened by precision diamond grinding for maximum sharpness and edge retention. You can expect these drill bits to perform well on a wide range of materials - all hard and soft woods (even the most difficult hardwoods) and on challenging plastics like Corian. We offer seven sizes individually or in a boxed set.  

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