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Jennings Pattern Auger Bit for Braces
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These are the highest quality auger bits available. These bits are well balanced with a fast clearing action preferred by furniture makers and other crafts workers. The bits are eight to ten inches in overall length. Two cutting spurs cut the fibers of the wood as the screw thread tip pulls the bit through the wood. There are a couple of pointers on drilling with a brace and bit: The first is give only enough pressure on the brace so that the lead screw can do its job. Too much pressure is wasted, and too little pressure will mean the lead screw will strip out and stop pulling the bit deeper. Another tip for drilling though holes is to drill until you can just feel the tip of the lead screw pierce the other side of the work. Then back out the brace, flip the wood over, and drill through, using the little hole made by the lead screw to start you off. This way you won�t splinter out.
Hand tools like these auger bits are especially wonderful when you are dealing with irregular or complex work. For example, many times it�s pretty easy to waste out the bulk of a mortise using a power drill and then clean up with mortise and paring chisels. But as your work gets more complicated, you cannot beat a brace and bit for drilling big holes at odd angles in irregular work where clamping the wood under a drill press would require extensive and time-consuming setup.
Made in England.  
Customer Reviews:


By: RC (Dec, 2013)

Now that I've had these longer, I have noticed that in softer woods, particularly pine, the lead screw isn't always coarse enough to keep the bit pulling through the work. I first noticed this while drilling dog holes through my saw bench, which is made from big box store contruction lumber. The hole it leaves is as clean as could be expected, and a bit oversize, given the "run out" inherent in using a brace and bit. When I need greater accuracy in hole size or a cleaner hole, I'll revert back to a forstner bit.
I own this product.

Pleasantly Surprised

By: RC (Jul, 2013)

Having browsed Ebay for vintage bits only to find mismatched, pitted, overpriced (and probably dull) bits I was happy to see TFWW stocks these. These are my first set, having used the cordless to this point, and I'm impressed with the ease these bits can bore larger diameter holes. The long length means I can drill through thicker stock than any of the brad points and forstners I've owned too. I can easily recommend these to anyone wanting to use a brace and bit but don't want to go on a scavenger hunt for vintage and the sharpening/rehab that often come along with that.
I own this product.

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