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Kunz Adjustable Spokeshave
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  Spokeshaves and Drawknives
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 Spokeshave-Flat Bottom ($24.35) Temporarily Sold Out
 Spokeshave-Round Bottom ($24.35) Temporarily Sold Out
 Replacement Blade ($7.34) In Stock
These are the general all around workhorse spokeshaves. One version has a flat sole and the other is curved from front to back. Two adjustment screws make it easy to set the depth of cut. Made in Germany by Kunz.  
Customer Reviews:

Round Bottom spokeshave unuseable

By: Hendrik Gideonse (May, 2015)

I have both the flat bottom and the round bottom shaves by Kunz. The flat bottom is decent, but the round bottom just doesn't work. I expect to have to tune and work on inexpensive tools and I have spent hours working with the round bottom, but even at it's best the shave chatters even with the tiniest curls. I think that the radius of the sole is too tight and the front part of the sole isn't large enough to adequately stabilize the shave and the blade. The rounded nature causes the shave to lean forward which raises the angle of the blade. It's possible I got a dud, but I really worked the tuning process. I flattened the bed, removing the paint. I smoothed out the mouth. I reshaped the back and front of the cap iron to make sure that a perfect match between the blade iron and the cap iron. I sharpened the blade so that I could literally shave hair off my arm. It is possible that I am just doing something wrong, or that my technique stinks, but I have exhausted the possibility of this ever being a tool that I use.
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