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 Left Handed Primus Reform Smooth Plane #711 ($249.95) In Stock
I can't imagine a modern woodshop that doesn't have at least one fine smooth plane around. The ability to trim work precisely is critical to fine work. Even if you use machines to mill stock a plane has no equal when it comes to doing operations such as trimming dovetails flush, leveling parts, and of course leaving the ultimate finish that comes from slicing through wood rather than abrading it with sandpaper. ECE, the makers of Primus planes have created a wonderful series of wooden planes that follow in the grand tradition of German and European woodworking. Their design adds a modern adjuster, that clamps the blade firmly, without backlash, and without taking away any of the key features that make wooden planes so special. For more information -click here.
We carry two Primus smoothers: The reform smoother is the top of the line Primus plane. The plane body is made of select fruitwood, while the bottom is lignum vitae. The throat opening is adjustable so that you can easily set it so that it is appropriate for different woods and different thickness of shaving. The regular smoother is made of course to Primus's high standard of quality with a beech body and lacks the mouth adjustment. Both planes have a 48mm blade and a lignum vitae sole.  

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