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  Two Cherries (Kirschen)
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 Set of 12 Professional Grade Carving Tools ($446.93) In Stock
 Free Sharpening of Carving Tools (new purchase only) In Stock
This set of 12 professional size Two Cherries carving tools is a great place to begin if you already done some carving and want to get a great full set of tools to work with. These are full sized professional tools with a overall tool length (not including handle or tang) of 125mm. While larger than the basic starting set of 6 tools this tools has some elbow room and gives you a lot of flexibility. For a description of carving tool terminology Click here.
The set contains the following twelve tools:
  • EE-505-01.14 - Straight Shank Chisel - 14mm wide
  • EE-505-02.06 - Straight Shank Skew Chisel - 6mm wide
  • EE-505-05.14 - Straight Shank Gouge #5 Sweep - 14mm wide
  • EE-505-05.16 - Straight Shank Gouge #5 Sweep - 16mm wide
  • EE-505-06.03 - Straight Shank Gouge #6 Sweep - 3mm wide
  • EE-505-06.10 - Straight Shank Gouge #6 Sweep - 10mm wide
  • EE-505-07.06 - Straight Shank Gouge #7 Sweep - 6mm wide
  • EE-505-08.14 - Straight Shank Gouge #8 Sweep - 14mm wide
  • EE-505-11.02 - Straight Shank Gouge #11 Sweep - 2mm wide
  • EE-505-14.06 - Long Bent Gouge #5 Sweep - 6mm wide
  • EE-505-21.03 - Front Bent Chisel - 3mm wide
  • EE-505-39.06 - Straight Shank 75 deg V Tool 6mm wide
Please check the option for free sharpening if you wish us to sharpen the tools before we ship them to you.  
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