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Hock Replacement Plane Irons
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  Replacement Parts for Stanley and Other Tools
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 For Stanley No. 3 (1 3/4" wide) ($32.95) In Stock
 For Stanley No. 4,5 (2" wide) ($33.95) In Stock
 For Stanley No. 4 1/2,5 1/2,6,7 (2 3/8" wide) ($35.95) In Stock
 For Stanley No. 8 (2 5/8" wide) ($38.95) Temporarily Sold Out
 A2 blade for Stanley No. 3 (1 3/4" wide) ($42.95) In Stock
 A2 blade for Stanley No. 4,5 (2" wide) ($43.95) In Stock
 A2 blade for Stanley No. 4 1/2,5 1/2,6,7 (2 3/8" wide) ($43.95) In Stock
 A2 blade for Stanley No. 8 (2 5/8" wide) ($44.95) In Stock
Ron Hock was the first person to offer replacement blades for Stanley planes that improved on the original. His blades are a lot thicker than the originals, and are harder, better, and flatter. Do what I do: keep your original blades in a safe place to maintain collectability, then get a Hock blade to make your planing easier.

We have been stocking Ron’s regular high carbon steel blades for years but now we are pleased to also offer his new “A2" blades. The major issue with A2, according to some woodworkers, is that the blades don’t seem to get as sharp are high carbon blades. That may be marginally true. But in my experience, the A2 edge retention so good that even if the blade’s original, pristine sharpness isn’t the equal of high carbon (and I certainly can’t tell), the blade life is so long that it makes all the world of difference. I say this as someone who just built a workbench and dressed all the wood by hand, mostly with a #7 Bedrock with a Hock A2 blade! A2 Blades go on for a long, long time between sharpenings.  
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No . 4.5.blade

By: Ralph pavero (Jul, 2015)

I would like to say thank you the blade I bought was perfect it took only about5 min. To flatten and then polished it's nice to know there's still quality in the usa

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