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 1" wide x 5/16". Brush length 1 1/2". ($1.55) In Stock
 2" wide x 3/8". Brush length 1 1/2". ($1.95) In Stock
Chip brushes get their name from their original purpose - brushing away chips of wood and metal from shop machinery. You can use these BT&C Chip Brushes for this purpose, or for applying stains, glues, paints, epoxies, varnishes, etc. These brushes are a good choice when you don’t want to care for the brush after use. Just use them for your project and dispose of them when you’re done. They’re priced accordingly - but still made to our high standards by the Bronx-based old guard artisans who make our other BT&C brushes.

Made in the USA with White China bristle. Available in 1” and 2" sizes.   

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